Semester 1

Week 2

No ovens and hobs are bad

Not having an oven limits you incredibly but you won’t die from eating shit, in fact, your diet won’t be that worse than the average student. This is because even students with ovens seem to incapable of using them regularly enough for it to have enough a big enough impact.

Geordies hate being called Scottish and Mancs hate being called southern. Northerners go on about their routes much more than the southerners.

Week 4

Alcohol is the single biggest obstacle in my life to academic success.

Week 6

Not going to lectures and seminars can leave you in a different world of lost

Week 7

Depression at university is almost a norm because many students do not develop themselves outside the typical student spheres. Working, studying, buying and iPhone usage is the staple for students. They fail to pursue interests outside the narrow paradigm of what is expected of them.

Week 10

Social anxiety can be massively reduced if you’re ok not taking yourself seriously. Facing your fears lifts you out of ruts. I’m happy again now and everything getting better because I’m motivated again.

Week 11

Optimistically waiting for bad things to end is a bad way of dealing with adversity. Mental breakdowns can be surprisingly short term if you embrace harsh realities, crush your fears and grow as a person.

Everyone’s been through shit. Support people in ways which suit them, you might learn something and you’ll definitely get on better with them from looking at it from their situation.

Also if you naturally wake up early, get up. It’s a blessing, not a curse. Going to bed will mean you’ll wake up late and have missed most of the day.

Week 12

It’s the end of the first semester. I’ve learned to be more organised but there is still a long way to go. My writing style needs to be much more structured and explicit and I need to engage with the question and journal articles rather than go off on a rant because I think I’m smart. I’ve learned that when I need to be I can be assertive and effective in getting shit done especially in relation to managing people. I’m happier as a person and have accepted that I don’t have to have it all together now or anytime.

In general the university environment, unlike high school, encourages kindness rather than savageness. Because of this, I’ve met some of the kindest and most humble people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I love York.

Week 16

Coming back has been a bit harder than before although I haven’t noticed as much because I’ve been productive. I miss my mates more now I’m in an environment where I expect them to be close.

Week 18

Some people are incapable of dealing with shit not because they haven’t been through shit but they haven’t really grown. They won’t try new things, they won’t make needed changes and they’ll ultimately never self actualise because of this. Although its sad, I should realise I can’t help everyone.

Time in isolation is only shit if its unproductive. Going on social media and lying in bed all day may seem nice but it won’t make you happy.

Week 19

After intentionally subjecting myself to a level of isolation I had previously forgotten existed, I feel happier in my own company and have learned not to constantly crave other people to be around.

Cold showers are surprisingly easier in a nicer shower. Good habits often seem to be conducive with good environments. If you wanna change your life, change your habits if you wanna change your environment (town, social circle, work etc)

Week 20

My poor diet, consisting of fried processed red meat and strong larger, could potentially be having adverse effects on my health

My plans to set up an online business this year have been postponed on the basis I do not believe I possess the habits to be a truly successful entrepreneur. Aside from that, I’ve not been happy recently and it’s not just the recent series of turbulent events it’s my poor habits as well. Although I’ve always said “eat well, sleep well, excercise”. I’ve decided to take an indefinite break from alcohol and use the extra finances to eat good food.

Week 21

Quitting alcohol has drastically improved mental health, motivation and my attitude to life in general. Quitting social media has made me so much more productive. I don’t feel an urge to return to social media at all and I don’t feel very enthusiastic about drinking like I used to, although I’m skeptical about the possibility I’ll remain teetotal.

I’ve learned the importance of persistence, building core habits and eliminating distractions. At the moment I’m looking into a variety of careers in management, marketing, and social research.

Week 23

This as been one of the most important weeks of my life. I’ve learnt so much after deciding to quit alcohol and now social media.

Discipline is freedom. A lack of self control leaves you slave to your short term impulses.

Having less, giving more and being busy with things you care about is a very basic but succesful strategy for a happy life.

Keystone habits like getting up relatively early, cooking wholesome food, exercising and reading are so so so important. I cannot stress this enough. Replacing alcohol with wholesome nutritious food and replacing social media with reading, in particular, have been essential for my recent productivity and happiness spike. I feel myself developing a much more organised, thoughtful and calm personality in all areas of my life.

Week 24

If you love the work you do you’ll love the result. Focusing on short term conditional rewards works short term but there is no replacement for developing a better mindset, better habits and a passion for what you do.

Your time is the most valuable asset you have, it’s constantly declining. Jim Rohn states “you are the average of the five people you spend most time with”. If you don’t admire those people, you should choose your circle wisely.

Week 26

I’m obsessive. With a lot. I need to focus on balance of work and relaxation because a week working 12 hours a day is great for productivity short term but ultimately unsustainable, stressful and it impairs attention to details and lateral thinking.

Week 27

Overall I have made a level of progress that’s left everyone pretty shocked. Since replacing social media with reading and writing I feel so much more focused, creative and overall just more mentally quicker. I’ve recently gotten into podcasts..

Not drinking isn’t really an issue for me at all. I’m going to allow myself a pre-planned cheat day as I’ve read it actually strengthens willpower and makes it more longlasting.

Week 28

I’ve been listening to more lectures on philosophy and biology rather than psychology. I’ve read into ALOT of psychology recently, everything from practical persuasion techniques to the neuroscience behind our cognitive biases and heuristics.

Week 29

Strong friendship isn’t about not arguing, it about how easy you overcome arguments. People with few friends often have a “burn bridges” attitude to what should be minor disagreements.

You never know who’s there for you until you hit rock bottom.

Attitudes and habits are the bedrock of resilience and success.

Week 31

Innovation comes from the struggle to achieve. If everything was easy, we wouldn’t innovate or grow.

The most successful people have had the most failures. Failure is not a setback it’s just one failure closer to success

Your life is what you focus on, that is our decision and no one else’s. If you want to see the negatives in everything, you’ll see eveything as negative. The more you practice seeing adversity as a challenge, the brighter life will be.

Week 34

There’s a very good medium between constant self criticism/ self improvment and being content . Obsession and being extremely dedicated has it’s advantges but there’s a way to do it without driving yourself insane.

After reading, 33 books around self improvement and business, I have learnt one imporant thing. Attitudes and habits are everything. There’s no replacing that. I’m proud this year that I’m healthiest and happiest I’ve ever been and I’ve learnt and grown so much since university. I plan to to learn things more course relevent and start learning more practical skills such as woodworking.

Week 36

The amount of personal growth I’ve done this year is insane. I feel for the first time in my life I can achieve even things I’m not naturally good at like DIY and emotional intelligence. More than anything I’ve learnt the importance of being rational in a way that deals effectively with te irratonalities of people especially myself.

Embracing hard and meaninful work is the good life. Living frugally and delibrately with less distractions and more challenges is something I doubt I will ever get tired of advocating. Modern culture is toxic in my honest opinion but living life instead of a life through screens has made me almost impossibly happy.

Week 38

Uni’s ended. If I learnt one thing it’s your life is the product of your combined decisons.

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