“The more you Learn, The more you earn”

Frank A. Clark

Knowing the market

Learn the problems and pains of your customers, provide solution

  • Ask how you can provide value, don’t just tell them how you can provide value
  • Sell to who’s buying. Find out who’s buying rather than who’s not buying, and why who’s buying is buying
  • All stakeholder have valuable information, not just senior management who are often disconnected
  • Try to sell to people like you to avoid market research, what do you want. What makes you insecure? What are your pains?

Knowing how to sell


  • Be authentic and honest. It will lead to sales directly because it will make customers trust you and it will lead to sales indirectly through referrals. This is the basis of salesmanship because people buy from people
  • If your character has been compromised by violating the principles of sales then have a manager or 3rd party call/tag to save and reinforce deals.
  • Never be rude to a customer even if you know you won’t close a sale there and then. If you cannot close the deal see if you can gather information or if you could get a referral
  • Project authority by demonstrating confidence in your own knowledge but especially your coworkers.
  • Never argue with a customer. Always agree and acknowledge communication. Don’t just agree but show the customer you understand. No one buys from someone who won’t listen or that has been rude to them

Lessons from psychology

  • Trigger insecurities about reputation, looks, missing out etc (Market research is HUGELY important in this. Know your customers)
  • Use people’s sentiment against them. Whether its nostalgia, love an optimistic future these things all make consumers vulnerable to emotional manipulation.
  • Make the product or service seem exclusive by using personal language such as “I’ll make this offer for YOU” Deliver price in a quiet voice to trick the brain into taking it as a secret.
  • Keep them engaged by changing the pitch, speed, and volume of your speech
  • Use pauses before delivering key information such as prices, especially if you’re framing it as a personal discount available go them only.
  • Create the illusion of scarcity and urgency. The most common example of this is when products are advertised as only available now. “Here today, gone tomorrow”  This is vital in the close
  • Ask if they want this product or that product not if they want any products. It gives them the illusion of choice.

Straight line theory

  • The essence of straight line theory is that is essential to go off topic because it allows you to gather information about the customer so you can sell it to the more personally
  • Focus on building rapport and trust initially. If a customer trusts you it means you have to convince less and face fewer objections in the close
  • Joking and light-hearted banter is fine, but make sure you keep it appropriate and inoffensive

Videos that this advice came from

Top 10 SALES Techniques for Entrepreneurs

7 Psychological Sales Triggers

The BEST Tips for Professional Sales People – Grant Cardone


If you want to convince people, be nice as it makes people feel bad about rejecting you

Be calm and show you have understood their point of view

Make them understand your point of view calmly and clearly

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