First of all I’d like to say to ANYONE. Whether you’re an employer, employee or just interested in ways to make your life EASIER, this course is an absolute gold mine of practical and relevant information. Even if I wasn’t aspiring towards a successful career in a marketing/ sales role this course would still have left me curious, mind blown and wanting more!

The course starts by debunking misconceptions and lazy stereotypes that many people will have about salesmen and women. Whilst many in sales behave unethically to chase short term profits this course offers a way to make your sales win-win solutions and profits sustainable and high.

The course’s advice can be applied to many areas of life and draws on common sense advice that is easy to overlook. For example the course explains that even though dealing with high sales targets can be daunting it’s less intimating to break it down into chunks. As an old saying goes “How do you eat an elephant? One mouthful at a time” The course also explains how seemingly counterintuitive approaches can have huge success. An example of this would be that sales success is actually not about telling but listening so you can gather information on your client’s needs so you can provide them with services better suited to those needs.

Other things covered, extremely well I might add, include cold calling, conversion rates, and closing techniques (A subject I will be writing a more extensive post on when I have time) I can’t cover everyting on the course as I feel I can’t do it justice because Janet is an incrdibly taleneted communicator. Overall I was extremely satisfied with the course and will be attending the next one if I get the chance.

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