Thomas Cook: what went wrong?

Thomas Cook founded in 1841 collapsed on September 23rd after a decade of financial troubles. Up till recently the company looked likely to escape bankruptcy, having agreed on a rescue deal last month. The Chinese conglomerate Fosun was keen to deploy the Thomas Cook brand in Asia, and the company‚Äôs lenders, were going to inject […]

Capitalism in crisis and the role the business community and nation states must play

Western Capitalism is not working as well as it should. Growth is sluggish, inequality is rampant and people are more politically divided than ever before. Trust in the media, politicians and banks is at an all time low and populists that are more likely to exacerbate these issues are in power. But populists like Donald […]

Snowbalisation: the beginning of the end

After years of growth global supply chains have not just stopped growing but are actually shrinking In the 90s, a booming time for globalisation, the idea that global supply chains had become flat was considered gospel but in recent years the tide is beginning to turn. Baker Mackenzie an American consultancy interviewed 600 Asia based […]